Sturgeon Sewage Lagoon


Website Development.

Diva was approached to develop a website that would inform and educate relevant key audiences of the reasons for a lawsuit between the developer and public school board concerning a leaking sewage lagoon. The site would respond to critics in a professional manner, while being transparent and highlighting the facts of the issue and the developer’s proposals for remediation.

The website addresses the key facts about the Sturgeon sewage lagoon and the chain of events and reasons for the lawsuit launched by the developer, Ardmore Properties. The site takes the high road and provides as much relevant content as is permitted while the case is before the courts. The aim of the site is to counter the spread of misinformation, while also educating those pulled into conversations or who know little about the details of the lawsuit. There was no specific SEO work done on the development of this site as the client wished to personally direct groups and individuals to the site.