Siksika Health Services

Annual Report.

Print. Illustration.

Siksika Health Services is a part of the Siksika Nation located near Calgary, Alberta, offering community based health services while promoting health and wellbeing priorities for the Siksika community. They approached Diva to develop their Annual Report with the intention of creating a visually interesting and exciting report based on their services and culture that could be distributed to members of the community and the general public. With this in mind, we created a distinct creative look to represent the rich history and culture of the nation which included custom illustrations.

Siksika COVID-19 Posters.

Print. Illustration.

Siksika Health Services approached Diva to help them create a unifying style for all public material for their COVID-19 response. We created a series of posters to be posted at public facilities around Siksika and a set of icons to visually represent the actions needed to be taken by individuals to safe during the pandemic. In addition to the posters, we created a website that has these posters available for download.

Siksika COVID-19 Website.

Website Design & Development. Illustration.

In their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Siksika Health Services needed a website that could act as a central information portal for everything related to COVID-19. The site features a dashboard of current cases and testing rates within the Nation and all recent public updates. In addition, the site has plenty of resources available, such as shopping list templates, home recipes, poster and document downloads,  and which essential services are open. The design of the site was inspired by the posters previously created and created additional icons for each section.

Vinyl Banners.


Siksika Health Services was wanting to spread a message of strength and love with the community and asked Diva to create a set of vinyl banners to be displayed ourside the main office. The design followed the style of the set of posters Diva originally created.