Office of the Auditor General of Alberta

Logo Redesign

Logo. Branding.

With a new and innovative strategy for communications, OAG approached us to tweak their logo and create a new set of design standards. By changing the colours and fonts, and removing one of the arrows from the old logo, we were able to update the logo to be more forward thinking (golden arrow/page corner pointing up) and transition easily without having to completely re-brand. Using gold, black and white as the main colour scheme kept the tone professional and classy, while adding four new vibrant secondary colours to pair with the gold gives the OAG opportunity to vary the tone of each communication piece.


Be Bold Campaign

Logo and Branding. Campaign.

Because this campaign targeted “millennials”, we incorporated a brush font and used the brand colours in a bold and exciting way to capture their attention. We kept most of the materials in a square format to make them stand out from the crowd. Some of the materials needed to pull of this successful campaign were buttons, banners, table top tent cards, nameplate templates, presentation graphics, TV screen slides and the piece de resistance: a square brochure that folds out into a rectangular poster with an inspirational quote on the back side.