Office of the Auditor General of Alberta

Be Bold Campaign

Logo and Branding. Campaign.

The Office of the Auditor General of Alberta (OAG) is an office of 150 people mandated by the Auditor General Act to examine and report publicly on the government of Alberta’s management of the public resources entrusted to it.

We were asked by our client at the OAG to create a visual identity for their student recruitment campaign and social event, with the theme of BE BOLD-Fortune Favours the Bold, all within 10 days, including printing time. While simultaneously working on the OAG’s general brand standards, we created this “child-brand” to fit within it. Because it targeted “millennials”, the look of the materials could be more energetic than the usual OAG reports, so we incorporated a brush font and used the brand colours in a bold and exciting way. We kept most of the materials in a square format to make them stand out from the crowd. Some of the materials needed to pull of this successful campaign were buttons, banners, table top tent cards, nameplate templates, presentation graphics, TV screen slides and the piece de resistance: a square brochure that folds out into a rectangular poster with an inspirational quote on the back side. Because of the super quick turn-around time and multiple delivery times and locations on the same day, we worked closely with the printer and our client to ensure the right amount of which materials were delivered on time to the right locations.