Strategic Documents

Branding. Book layout. Infographics. Summary guide. Displays. Web graphics.

The ultimate goal of the EPE task force is to eliminate poverty in Edmonton within a generation. The task force identified specific actions that Edmontonians could take, to become their own agents of change. Inspired by their existing logo, Diva developed a bold design for the Strategy report and supplementary materials to engage, educate and motivate Edmontonians to join the movement to end poverty within a generation. Since the EPE launch, Diva has produced the EPE Roadmap and subsequent overview documents.


Year One Report

Book layout. Infographics. Annual Report.

Being the first annual report released by the task force, EPE asked for a design that was bold, focusing on the accomplishments of the group in the past year and centered around the people who benefited the most from the community. We used large portraits of those represented through the Game Changers as outlined by EPE, to connect the progress of the group directly to the community.



With on-going progess being made by EPE, an overview and update was created to showcase this progress to the public.  Diva was tasked with creating a newsletter that was highly visual and engaging by developing several charts and diagrams to effectively portray EPE’s message, goals, and accomplishments.