City of Edmonton

Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Strategy

Logo. Branding. Illustration. Pull-up displays. Report template.

In 2016, the City of Edmonton began developing a Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Strategy to develop ways for our community to respond to the impact of climate change. In 2018, recommendations from the strategy will be given to City Council to implement a plan of action.

We were asked to redesign the logo for the the Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Strategy. Drawing inspiration from the existing logo, we designed their logo with a more distinct ‘leaf’ shape. Each of the colours represent earth, water and air, while the Edmonton skyline adds graphic interest.

The City of Edmonton wanted to illustrate what could happen to our city if climate change adaptation strategies are not implemented. Working within the City of Edmonton visual identity standards, we created a cover treatment with a custom illustration depicting the impacts of climate change, such as inclement weather. This illustration is used on pull-up banners, business cards, and templates, and complements the logo.