City of Edmonton

Building Edmonton 2016

Book layout. Infographics.

Diva was commissioned to create this “guide to construction in your neighbourhoods, on the streets and underground” for the City of Edmonton. We were challenged to design a quick-reference guide for MLAs and City Council showing not only the 4 different types of projects, but also the 3 phases each project was in. Our solution was to create custom maps, divide the book into sections for the type, and colour-code the phases within each section. Since new projects are always being added or changes are being made, we also designed a template in Google Drive for quarterly updates.


Edmonton Women’s Quality of Life Scorecard 2018

Book layout. Infographics.

The City of Edmonton contacted Diva in 2016 to design the WAVE Scorecard and continued updating and changing the infographics and look for the past 3 years, pulling colours from the logo.