Annual Report 2018

Annual reports. Infographics.

Diva is proud to have continued working with CASA on their annual report for the past several years. Each year offers a reimagined and updated style that is both bright and approachable, and presents the information in a clear and interesting way. For the 2018 Report, with the theme “connections” in mind, a connecting pattern was developed along with a gradient colour palette that reflected the idea of the theme by using the CASA brand colours.


Family Handbook and Guidebook 2019


These booklets get a design refresh yearly with keeping within the CASA brand. For the Family Guidebook this year we chose the theme of “stepping in the right direction”, and for the Family Handbook we went in the direction of “working together”. Photos are integrated throughout both books.


Newsletter 2019


This year CASA implemented a quarterly newsletter, the CASA Chronicles, into their print and digital roster, and we had the pleasure of creating a design for them that would be functional, easy to change-up, and have the appeal to be picked up and read. The newsletters contain many stories of events that have been happening in and around CASA, and includes a seasonal calendar of events to track upcoming events and lectures.