Canadian Mental Health Association

The Story of Integration

Book layout. Infographics.

In November, 2015 the Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton Region (CMHA-ER) and The Support Network (TSN) came together to form one organization (retaining the CMHA-ER name). Funding shortages were placing the Distress Line, together with the other TSN services at risk and the amalgamated organization is now in a stronger position to empower Edmontonians to take control of what’s going on in their lives with a full range of mental health services.

Diva was honored to help CMHA-ER and TSN tell their story of integration so other organizations undergoing an amalgamation may benefit from their learnings. We developed a simple booklet to tell the story and supplemented it with an infographic roadmap to highlight the key milestones on their journey. Colours, fonts and graphics were chosen and developed to integrate and transition the branding of both CMHA-ER and TSN on their path of integration.