Aloisio Cosmetics

Logo Design


We were approached to design a logo for this new skincare company that prides themselves on making products with all natural ingredients. In a market with a multitude of skincare products, we really strived to make Aloisio stand out from its competitors. We created a logo with a modern and unisex colour scheme and fonts, with an icon that represents a flower (made of egg-shaped ovals, as the product contains this natural ingredient) opening with overlapping layers.


Age Definer Serum Packaging

Packaging. Branding.

Being the first product released by Aloisio Cosmetics, the packaging needed to represent the entire company and stay true to the developed brand of being pure and natural. A wordmark, logo inspired pattern, box, and bottle label were all developed to create a unique, vibrant look for the packaging to make it stand out on store shelves.


Age Definer Moisturizer Packaging

Packaging. Branding.

Aloisio Cosmetics recently expanded their product line by introducing a face moisturizer that works with the Serum. Because these products work together, the packaging needed to reflect this, showing they are part of the same product family. A new label and pattern for the box were developed to represent the new product and bottle but still keeping a similar look to the Serum.