Alberta Milk

Brand Awareness and Marketing Materials

Poster. Apparel. Card.

Alberta Milk sponsors an elementary school milk program called Club Moo and asked us to create a poster to advertise the club in the schools. We created a child-like eye spy-styled cow head made up individual milk products and activities to catch the eye of youngsters and to promote the program. We kept it simplistic in colour by using Alberta Milk’s brand blue with the addition of white highlights.

We were also approached for custom illustrations that they could use on t-shirts. Following a pun theme, we developed four different designs: “I (heart) MOO,” ” Say Cheese,” “Milkshake,” and “Plays Well With Udders.”

During the Christmas season, we developed another custom illustration for Alberta Milk to use as a Christmas card and social media graphics. The pun “Have yourself a dairy little Christmas” is playful and matches the illustration. The illustration features a cow pulling Santa’s sleigh, Santa holding a glass of milk and his sack full of dairy products.