Alberta Milk

Brand Awareness and Marketing Materials

Poster. Apparel. Card.

Poster – Club Moo is an elementary school milk program sponsored by Alberta Milk. We were asked to create a poster to advertise the club in Edmonton-area schools, and we created a child-like eye spy-styled cow head made up various milk products and activities to catch the eye of youngsters and to promote the program.

Apparel – We were approached to create custom illustrations for use on t-shirts. Following pun themes, we developed four different designs: “I (heart) MOO,” ” Say Cheese,” “Milkshake,” and “Plays Well With Udders.”

Greeting Card – The pun “Have yourself a dairy little Christmas” is playful and matches the illustration. The illustration features a cow pulling Santa’s sleigh, Santa holding a glass of milk and his sack full of dairy products

Milk Day Activity Book.

Booklet. Illustration.

Alberta Milk Came to Diva with decades of fun “Milk Day” activity sheets for elementary aged students. They wanted us to combine them into one cohesive document that could be distributed digitally so teachers could print off or photocopy the activities suitable for their students. The original files ranged from old photocopied milk carton crafts with hand illustrations from over 50 years ago to newer digital documents of word searches and math problems. We were also given some black and white cow illustrations they wanted added throughout. We had lots of fun creating additional colouring pages and crossword puzzles as well as digitizing some of the older illustrations and redrawing the milk carton craft instructions. Stock illustrations were also used and edited to keep consistent colours and styles on tab pages while staying within budget. In the end we produced two versions, a 2nd one in black and white to be mindful of printer capabilities or photocopying potential.