Alberta Council Of Women’s Shelters

Inventory of Promising Practices.


The concept is based around how the 7 sectors work together within the ACWS. A bright colour palette and modern iconic custom graphics give a hopeful and uplifting feeling. The sections are colour coded by small bars at the top, bottom and right side of the intro page. They also include a photo describing the text written on the page, without showing faces but rather emotions. There is a small area on the page for a story/quote underneath the photo. The Checklist pages on the backside of the section pages utilize the cover graphic of the overlapping circles as a background pattern for added interest.


2018 & 2019 Data Release.

Print. Infographics.

Diva has worked on the annual ACWS Data Release for the last severals years now. Dealing with a sensitive topic, the client provided 10 key points they wanted visualized in a way that effectively brought the messages of this issue to the forefront. Diva created infographics of faceless women that spoke of these key points for a printed brochure and as social media graphics. The infographics were well received with many of them being retweeted by various key players including the Premier.


Women’s Shelter Resource Videos & Booklets.

Video. Print.

Continuing with the style of the faceless women, Diva created a series of PowerPoint videos with motion graphics and sound added. This allowed the shelters in Alberta to have a simple way to explain the various stages of staying at a shelter to the women who came in. The video allowed the women to take in the information at their own pace and to watch them again, as necessary. A series of companion booklets were created to accompany the videos and offer further information.