Alberta Distance Learning Centre

ADLC Yearbook

Annual Report.

An unconventionally designed annual report, the Yearbook is unique, just like ADLC. Designed on a square grid, the variations depict how different “pieces” (such as area of study or experience) make a whole individual. The editorial reads in small blocks of information to increase reader interest.


ADLC Guidebooks

Book layout.

We refreshed Alberta Distance Learning Centre’s guidebooks for the various learning opportunities that they offer. Using their established brand guidelines, we removed the black bars from the previous design to make the guidebooks airy and bright. Each guide is colour-coded, and we were challenged with assigning a colour to the Indigenous guidebooks. We chose an earthy brown colour to ensure that we didn’t choose a colour that was specific to one tribe or band. The Indigenous guidebooks also feature Indigenous students from Alberta Distance Learning Centre partner schools within Alberta.